Video Games

Dark Souls
Going Back to Dark Souls
Dark Souls: Exploring Is An Achievement
Dark Souls: What I’ve Learned in Ash Lake & about the Sexual Creatures
Dark Souls: My Adventure Continues
Dark Souls II
I Play Dark Souls II: Scholar of The First Sin to Unwind
Shenmue Continues
My Thoughts on Shenmue: Short but Sweet
Shenmue II: My Thoughts So Far
Virtue’s Last Reward
I’m Not A Pervert! It’s The Developer’s Fault!

A Little Drama at Work
It’s Okay to Take a Break from Games
I Just Can’t Complete These Games
Midnight Thoughts on Random Games
My Shopping List–Casual Games are Great!
My Video Games Shopping List Part II
Playing Survival Mode at Work
Rambling About Games Aimlessly
Reflection Time: Video Games & Films
Sunshine Award
Thoughts on Video Games: An Entertainment Medium
Trying Not to be a Game-a-holic
Until Dawn Is This Game A Joke
Video Games Motivate Me In My Life
Video Games with Female Protagonist

Detention: An Indie Horror Game
Kuon: An Enlightening Survival-Horror Video Game
NightCry: A Cruel but Charming Survivor Horror Game
My Notes on Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
My Notes on Nier Automata
My Thoughts on Rule of Rose
My Thoughts on The Last of Us
Reflecting on Resident Evil Franchise As a Survival Horror Genre
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