How to Connect with Friends

If you want a friend just connect to Lain.   Place the cursor over the email icon. Then click twice to open link. Do you have a message? Who is it from?

“It’s me.

I am just conscience

without a body.

Nice to meet you.”



If you iron your thoughts,your reality will appear to make sense.  Put words in a dress and yet the meaning is still hidden. Eyes can see everything and yet still blind.

Just delete bad memories if you don’t want to remember. Just delete yourself  if you don’t want to exist. Even if we delete ourselves, we are still connected.

This is a free verse/doodling  for the animated series Serial Experiments Lain. What possessed me to watch it? Somehow, I remember an old chat friend telling me this was his favorite anime.  He once said, “All you need is one person to believe in you.” I disagree.  Actually, the only person you need to connect with is yourself. Once you are in tuned with yourself, then you can connect with others in a healthy way.






Love Is Never Everlasting

Poetry is meant to be heard. There’s no reason to keep it hidden.  I read my own poem.


There was once a man

across the ocean

who spoke few words.

One moment

was eternity

for two souls to meet.

“Love is never everlasting,”

You said.

So then I wonder–

what’s the point

of togetherness

if love rise

then fall like waves?

Pretty Girls Die

Pretty Butterfly

                                                     Here lies the pretty butterfly.

                    Pretty girls die.

                                                                       Pretty butterfly.

   Pretty girls die.

                                           I paint my lips red;

                         smoke your cigarette.

                                                                   Drink champagne,

                                  hiking up the skirt a bit higher,


                                           and higher.

                                                                        So I can fly.

Because pretty girls die,

                                                  here lies the pretty butterfly,

             feeling high…



Poem is dedicated to a friend who is moving across the world. Her feminist talk and story about her unsuccessful dating life always made me laugh. I miss her so much already.  She has one of the biggest heart I’ve ever known.  It’s unfortunate that feminism has a bad connotation.  Feminism doesn’t mean competing with the counterparts; it’s  about complementing one another and celebrating our differences.  There are bigger things to worry about than fighting between the sexes. In truth, I think everyone just wants to feel appreciated and loved.

[To my friend] I hope you find happiness and love in the next chapter of your life.  You are like a beautiful flower that brings things to life.




Autumn Is Warm & Cold


Tonight, in Seattle, there is going to be a strong wind plucking these orange leaves from the branches and scattering them to the ground. Wet rain will soak the pavement. It may some comforting, but I feel  so selfish when I know there are homeless people getting cold, huddling each other for warmth. I wish the world is a kinder place.  But I guess life goes through the motion. Life is never fair, it’s just there.  Eventually all things shall come to an end and then reborn again.